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Secret Garden

July 21, 2018
Move Machiya Theatre, Tokyo, Japan
By Amelia & Elisabeth

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Creating Theatrical Belly Dance Magic

To celebrate the bonds dancers find within belly dance troupes and the creativity and passion they spark, we are hosting a unique collaborative event to bring the best of Japan’s belly dancers together with international dancers to create an interactive theatrical dance performance project. Register to audition today!


  • Nov 2017 – 31 Jan 2018 Registration (group/individual), send audition video
  • 15 Feb 2018 Finalize the cast
  • 28 Feb 2018 Finalize the program, start rehearsing Opening & Finale
  • Mar 2018 – Jul 2018 Rehearsing Opening & Finale
  • 14 July 2018 – 19 July 2018 Intensive rehearsal week with international dancers (evenings for weekdays, all day rehearsal for weekend of 14 and 15)
  • 20 July 2018 Dress rehearsal
  • 21 July 2018 SHOW (start in the morning run through)
  • 22 July 2018 Workshops and Hafla

Storytelling the Secret Garden

It's a late summer's night in Tokyo. Teenage Mak tosses and turns in her sickbed but seeks an escape in the cool night air. "Secret Garden" is from a book she recieved from her grandfather, which she settles down to read in a moonlit garden. Maki encounters colorful flowers, mysterious creatures, strange worlds, the prince and dancers. She walks into the world of a beautiful story.


深夜の東京。眠れない夜を過ごしている少女マキは、ふと病弱だった自分が小さいころ祖父が教えてくれた秘密の庭園「シークレット・ガーデン」のことを思い出し、本を片手に深夜の街へ出て、記憶を頼りに庭園へ向かう。 月明かりの庭で、ページを開く本は「千夜一夜」。すると、そこでマキが出会ったのは、色とりどりの花々、妖艶な生き物たち、不思議な世界、そして、王子様と踊り子たち・・・。マキは、うつくしい物語の世界に入り込んでい。

Dynamic Group Choreography

The principal choreographers for this show are Amelia and Elisabeth. Experienced dance companies are also invited to choreograph all new numbers for the show. Innovating with head in the sky and with feet formly planted in dance tradition is encouraged!

Artist Development

Dancers will be encouraged to push themselves out of their comfort zones, take risks, give and take feedback, teach and learn from one another. Where there is a common passion among people, even thousands of kilometers apart, anything is possible.

How to Audition

Wanted: Theatrical belly dancers with a sense of humor, a hunger to learn and a desire to perform with dancers from the around the world!

Registration Fee (tent.)

  • 10,000yen + Ticket@3,000yen ×3 =Total19,000 yen/person
  • *Including the cost for final dress rehearsal
  • *You are requested to share the cost for individual rehearsals

The registration fee includes…

  • Perform at wonderful theatrical bellydance show with international dancers.
  • Receives discount for the Workshops (details will be shared shortly)
  • Can participate in hafla
  • T-shirt


For Groups participants

  • Number of the group members: 3 to 10 dancers
  • Contents: Your group’s original group choreography which can be interpreted as suitable within the theme of “Secret Garden”. (not limited to the following program) No category limitations. Please consult with the organizers if you are not sure about whether it suits the Secret Garden or not.
  • Music: You can register up to 2 numbers, each within 5 min. However, there is a possibility that we may accept only 1 number, by considering the overall flow of the story and the balance of other performances. It will be decided by the end of February.
  • Audition: Please submit a performance video with all the members of your group via Youtube by 31 January 2018.
  • Other: Around 7 to 10 groups will be expected to perform.

For Individuals

  • Number of the group:If you don’t have a group or do not wish to participate with a group, you can register by yourself.
  • Contents: Once you are accepted, you will be performing the choreography by Amelia. (1 or 2 numbers, one will be with fanveils)
  • Auditions: Please submit your performance video via Youtube by 31 January 2018.
  • Music: Around 5 min per number
  • Other: We expect up to about 10 individual dancers.

(The rehearsal starts from end of February, weekdays in the evenings and weekends. The cost of rehearsal studio will be shared among the participants)


  • Dancers will be accepted via auditions. Call for auditions will be updated on the website ( and Facebook page.
  • Dancers will also perform Opening and Finale.
  • Requirement for the candidates: Over 5 years of bellydance experience plus experience of performing in a show. Also, you are requested to understand the concept of this event and to follow the instructions by the organizers (Elisabeth & Amelia). And most importantly, you are requested to positively challenge yourselves and working together positively with other members.
  • Please make sure to secure time for intensive rehearsals especially during 14 – 20 July 2018. You are also required to be flexible for a sudden change of choreography or formation.

Other info

  • The contents will be arranged into the story of Secret Garden. All the dancers will perform group choreography. (Except the heroine and some other casts)
  • After finalizing the program, you may be requested to prepare costumes and props in consultation with the organizers. If the organizers can secure the resources, some partial financial support may be provided.
  • Final dress rehearsal cost will be included in the registration fee.
  • Professional photographer will be assigned.

Program (tentative)

  • Opening (The Dancer)
  • Moroccan Rose
  • Laundry Day
  • Sevilla Oranges
  • Summer Storm
  • Tea Ceremony
  • Nightengale Song
  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  • Opening II (Dance of Flowers)
  • Orchidaceae
  • Cypresses
  • Ripples
  • By the Water
  • Pomegranates
  • Crown of Flowers
  • Cherry and Peach Blossom
  • Closing


Fill out the registration form to audition by Jan 31, 2018


Dancers will audition via video.

Start Rehearsing

Dancers are selected Feb 15 and will receive choreography, music and costume guidance. Start dancing!

Come to Tokyo

Dance and sweat for a retreat weekend before the show, expect the energy of Tokyo, and perform on July 21st, 2018!


creating dance magic across border

Amelia and Elisabeth are longtime dancers with experience in putting on critically acclaimed dance shows. They are dedicated to bringing their passion of storytelling and belly dance together with dancers from around the world to bring the Secret Garden to life.

It began is a dance class
taught on grass
under a wide zambian sky

Amelia and Elisabeth first danced together on a dusty polo field in Zambia in 2016, when Amelia was visiting for a few weeks on a work trip. Soon, Amelia became an adjunct member of Zambelly, Zambia’s first belly dance company that Elisabeth founded, dancing at restaurants, clubs and joyful family celebrations alongside Ramya, Hildah, Mazyanga and Julia--an Indian-American, two Zambians, and a Russian--making for a truly international belly dance company, the only one for nearly 2000 kilometers in any direction. Zambelly inspired Amelia and Elisabeth to build the Secret Garden concept together.


Amelia started her dance career at the age of 6 in classical ballet. Throughout her ballet experience, she particularly loved “Arabian Dance” from the famous Nutcracker. She then fell in love with Oriental dance, organizing shows and performing across Tokyo.

Co-Director, Tokyo


Elisabeth fell headfirst into Middle Eastern dance in high school and has been dancing in odd places ever since. She has won compeititons, performed and taught across four continents.

Co-Director, Atlanta


one week, one amazing experience

Secret Garden is more than just a collaborative belly dance show; it's also cultural exchanges, camraderie, rehearsal, sweat, giggles and late nights. It's unlike any dance show you've ever taken part in.


July 12-14, 2018

The weekend before the show, all dancers in Secret Garden will go on a dance intensive outside of Tokyo. There, for the first time, all dancers will dance together in each number for the show, set staging, clean choreography, and do dress rehearsal. Expect excellent accomodation, lots of mirror and dance time, great food, and quality time with dancers from around the world.


July 15-20, 2018 (evenings)

International dancers have extra studio time during the day to rehearse group numbers, and big group numbers are rehearsed with everyone in the evening.


July 21, 2018

The one night of magic is here! Dancers perform in the Secret Garden Theatrical Bellydance Show.


July 22, 2018

Workshops for dance students, beginner to professional and open to the public, will be offered. Topics may include theatrical belly dance concepts, original choreography from different Oriental dance disciplines, prop usage and dancing to live music.

She danced the dance of flames and fire, and the dance of swords and spears...
...she danced the dance of stars and the dance of space...
...and then she danced the dance of flowers in the wind.

— Khalil Gibran —

Cultural Exchange

Dancing across borders

Teach and learn from one another as dancers craft choreographies together for the Secret Garden show. Opportunities to explore Tokyo, take workshops, dance in a hafla, and eat too much sushi and sing karaoke late into the night will be offered.

Our Workshops

Learn theatrical belly dance technique

Workshops for beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional dancers will be offered. Stay tuned!